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VeganMall Reward Points Call to Action Button Animation

( 1 VeganMall Point = 1 Indian Rupee )

Registration 50 VeganMall Reward Points
Writing Blog Articles 50 VeganMall Reward Points
Submitting Reviews Rs. 25 Coupon

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You can create discount coupons from your points which you can use to pay for orders or to gift your loved ones.

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(pack Of 8) Oatey Kesar Badam Oat Drink – Sugar Free, Stevia Based, Hormone Free, Anti-biotics Free, Non-dairy, Vegan


  • environment friendly (sustainable), pet friendly, nut free, soy free, & guilt free (cruelty free).
  • we use low eruric acid rapeseed oil which is a good source of healthy fats & fat-soluble vitamins.
  • hormone free, no added sugar (stevia-based), lactose/dairy free
  • heart friendly (soluble dietary fibers, beta-glucans from oats)
  • enriched with citrus fiber & himalayan pink salt
  • promotes gut health & better digestion (being lactose free)
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