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Gulab jamuns turn out to be amazing

Gulab jamuns are yum & soft. Just follow the fool proof instructions on the pack & enjoy yummy gulab jamuns

A healthy and a great substitute for the regular milk.

I regularly use it for my coffee and we use it make sweets too. Gives immense satisfaction for the tongue and our conscience too.

My dog seems to like it.

There were directions on the packet and it was used accordingly

India Hemp & Co. Hemp Seed Pet Oil For Dogs - 100ml

So easy to cook and simply delicious!

I made half of the packet and ate it all up because it was so delicious! I hadn't made gulab jamuns for years and this was simply so so easy to make. Thank you for this amazing product! I'll be making some for my friends next.

Melts like real cheese and is very yummy!

Used it in many recipes like cutlets and momos and it helped curb dairy cheese cravings

It is really good and the taste was perfect

For self consumption and something that I have missed for so many years

The product is very good and tasty.

It helps me very much because it is lactose free.I am using it since long.

Tastes okay on its own

Used to make coffee, could barely tell the difference between milk and oat mylk

The taste is fine but the smell is unbearable, hope they make the ghee's odour less potent.

Tried using it for dals, frying, sweets etc

The chips are great

This is a great go to snack

Well balanced, very tasty and stil natural

As a post workout drink or simply when hungry


first time shopped from vegan mall had a great experience. the makeup eraser came in perfect condition


It's a favourite family sweet, and all of us enjoyed the vegan version well!


Our family relished the Wheat Halwa.

great product, don't look elsewhere

I was looking for this product, and I landed on Vegan Mall. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this new milk. Keep up the excellent work.

Very nicely packed

Very good quality.Hope more sweet products are introduced which is refined sugar free

Yummy vegan sweet

A vegan mysorepak. Healthy sweets without any guilt

Great plant based alternative for ghee

Use it on chapatis or parathas. Add it to batter for baking.

Good taste, smell and texture

Using this product in different applications where ghee is used. Very much satisfied. Wanted to know which vegetable fats are being used to make this ghee.

It is alright

The taste is fine. But the powder separates from the water a bit. One needs to put more powder than recommended on the pack.

I used the product as per instructions but found it to be too thin for using in any form - coffee...

The taste is good. The proportion of the powder to water is too diluted whether it is for coffee/tea/kheer. One needs 3 to 4 times the powder than mentioned on the pack. Hence, this ends up being on the expensive side. Not to mention that the particles separate from the liquid so it doesn't quite get as thick as readymade plant-based milks.

Perfect vegan cheese

I used it to sprinkle over pasta, used it in pizza, baked vegetables in white sauce, sprinkled over stuffed capiscums and many more dishes All Vegan

Ordered cherry juice you have sent me acacia berry juice