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Rustic Art Organic Sandal Face Wash Concentrate

GoodMylk Dairy-free Butter - Unsalted (100 gm)

Wrong order received.

Not very great cake. Too soft and tastes a bit raw too.

Old product

Expires this month and old product sent to me. Manufactured on 7 Dec

Really yummy the flavor and texture

Added in final finishing of uppitu giving a nice taste.Also made sweets like rava kesari adding to the taste

Good taste

Guilt free pleasure

Very crispy and soft

very different taste

GoodMylk Chocolate Mylk (200 ml)

Could have been better. Felt a bit dry

As a biscuit

Very good and close to dairy ghee

Used it as substitute of ghee

Two complaints: 1. Overpowering cashew flavor, 2. There seems to be some whitish/grayish particle...

By consuming tea, being compassionate!

Would have been great if they had fluoride based aswell.

Just like normal toothpaste

The product was very good.

The product was used for cooking and baking , added good flavour in both ..

It is leaking and I am not able to use it

I purchased the Unived RRUN handheld running bottle with high hopes of a quality product.
Alsa! the bottle leaks from its cap without even squeezing, when i run. When i squeeze to sip it leaks from the cap with no water coming from the sipper nozzle.
Not at all happy with the product. I will happy to either get the replacement or claim refund.

As good as Butter without the guilt.

You can use this just like normal butter (white butter unsalted). Replace it with Ghee on hot Chapatis, make butter Dosas and of course goes with Sandwiches. You can't miss butter with this.

I loved the texture of the atta and the rotis

I used it to make rotis and paranthas and they were delicious. Great genuine product.

Quite good alternative for normal maggi!


Very tasty and healthy cheese option!

Will definitely order again!

Tasty at the same time healthy!

Very tasty alternative for dairy based ghee/butter. Just loved it!

Totally satisfied.

Liked the products, extremely happy that these are now so easily available. Way to go country kitchen and VeganMall!

Glad these healthy flours are now so easily available.
Boon to health conscious people like me!


Good quality products.

Loved it!

The freshness was apparent, very tasty and crispy. The freshness is still intact weeks later, no rancid smell which is usually in store bought ones.