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Sri Sri Tattva Vitilwel, 60 Tabs
Isht Deo Sankrityaayan
This is a good platform for purchasing vegan things on reasonable price.

I used the product as per advise of an expert physician.

Works well on a vegan diet, especially coffee and tea

I use it for my morning coffee and porridge

Excellent product very tasty namkeen


prompt delivery, good support, quality is good, nice experiance.

it helped our family to have good quality rice. helps us to live a better life.

This is one of greatest pickle i ever used. Test is good

You can buy it but little bit price is high but it, s good because there is no compromise it, s quality. Review for sri sri mango pickle.

Good quality products

Required for daily use

Quick delivery

I used it for health purposes. Consumed it with other powder mixture. Good for weight loss

Very good

Taken along with cereals and it’s giving good results

Plant based Creamer
Chinmay Nighoskar
Bad Product...Don't Order!

I ordered this product twice.. so first time, the cream got separated after 2-3 weeks and was of no use. So I thought it might be a wrong batch. Second time, I ordered it, it got fungus on it within 2 weeks of opening it. The instructions says to store in a cool and dry place. That's what I did. I am never ordering this again. Either improve the product or just stop selling.

Your product is very nice tasty

The taste is wow!! Just like dairy cheese, my kids love it:)

We use it in preparing lasagne and macaroni, it enchances the taste of the dish😋

Cakenrun Digestive Oats Cookies -250g
Swati Pb
Received different


Instead of Makai Sattu, Chana Sattu was delivered

Need to review on dispatched items

So so

Do I have to pay any balance money
Why are you sending so many mails again

Awesome taste....and up to the mark

Zoipreet Vegan Soya Gulab Jamun (200 Gm) - Instant Pre Mix

The product ROASTED FLAX SEEDS is full of nutrition.

I consume this product everyday. It gives me Nutrition and Energy.

Cipzer Musli Powertech - Pack 60 Capsules
Abdul wahab Wahab
Cipzer Mulsi : good product effective

Good choice of purchasing Cipzer Mulsi giving good result and effective .

soyvita - unique and wonderful

Very nutritious and should be advised for those who don't like milk.
Bit costly though but worth it.

Chicken ho ya mutton, they all tastes similar but don't worry, because they all tastes great !

As I earlier pointed out quantity is a little less for an average meal per person per pack of 225 + 200 gm.

Food quality is really 5 starrer.

Quantity seems to be little less for an average person per pack.

Mr Shift Quinoa Crackers (VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE) - 100gms

Gulab jamuns turn out to be amazing

Gulab jamuns are yum & soft. Just follow the fool proof instructions on the pack & enjoy yummy gulab jamuns

A healthy and a great substitute for the regular milk.

I regularly use it for my coffee and we use it make sweets too. Gives immense satisfaction for the tongue and our conscience too.

My dog seems to like it.

There were directions on the packet and it was used accordingly