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Ashwagandha: Welcome to the world of the adaptogen.

This superherb stress-buster is your umbrella against many problems There is a saying we heard many years ago: it is better to have one medicine for many ailments rather than many medicines for one disease. And Ashwagandha fits this bill.

If you asked a science geek, here is what s/he would have to say about an adaptogen: Adaptogens or adaptogenic substances, compounds and herbs refer to the pharmacological concept whereby administration results in stabilisation of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis, for example, decreased cellular sensitivity to stress. While there is still research going on and there are many viewpoints, in simple terms Ashwagandha is a herb that fortifies various aspects of health. Ancient ayurvedic practitioners hold it in high esteem. Once you start taking Ashwagandha, it will affect your body in myriad ways and take you closer to a state of homeostatis, which basically means the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium in the body. A minimum period of three months is required to feel the true power of Ashwagandha. Stress, which is the one of the prime culprits in many illnesses, will ease out. It will also add vitality to your life. This is one of the best daily medicines for people in high stress jobs. Actually, it’s just a great herb for everyone. Don’t take our word for it. Try VEDI’s certified Organic Ashwagandha churna and find out for yourself. You can also go for Ashwagandha tablets.


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