We take utmost care to ensure every product listed on VeganMall is 100% Vegan
About Us
Operating with Integrity is the commitment that we give to our customers.
About Us

Meet Baby Consin

Baby Consin is the Conscience of VeganMall with watchful eyes who will always ensure our Commitment to Integrity.

Our Conscience will make sure that your Conscience is happy. When your Conscience is happy, you are happy. When you are happy, we are happy. 

“Happy Conscience. Happy You.”


[put in a polished way] is

“a conscientious and empathetic way of living, causing minimal impact to the environment by following plant based food and lifestyle.”

[as a matter of fact] is

(Note: Please be advised that some of the links & videos in this page contain gruel-some scenes shot at animal farming industries. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.)

“We do not want to support Grinding up of male chicks immediately after birth, Killing of male calves straight after birth, Slaughtering of innocent lambs, Smashing the heads of baby piglets, Starving fish and giving them a painfully slow death, Torturing calf’s to steal their milk and many such cruelty to these humble creatures who can not defend for themselves… all just for the sake of satisfying our ridiculously greedy taste buds and inhumane desires to look and feel good at the cost of these humble souls who can not defend or speak for themselves”

More information on Veganism can be found here and here.

VeganMall does not try to convince anyone to become Vegan. All the videos and links shared in this page are reflections of VeganMall’s belief and are not there to hurt anyone else’s belief and lifestyle
VeganMall is a genuine attempt to bring together Vegan producers and consumers who are currently disconnected and overshadowed by the existing ecosystem. 
VeganMall is a simple platform where Vegans can connect and help themselves to make their living a little easier and in doing so VeganMall though being a business is committed to being ethical, transparent, fair, non influential, non judgmental and to its roots. This is possible as VeganMall does not have any investors to answer to or get influenced by, does not have any set financial targets to achieve. VeganMall will not restrict/influence sellers to its terms, will not try to attract customers with huge discounts, fancy promotions or free shipping; as these are not sustainable or truthful in the long run. VeganMall aims to build up trust, integrity and ethical relationships between buyers and sellers and create a trustworthy Vegan marketplace ecosystem that can sustain itself without any intervention from the marketplace operator. In the end, it’s not just about buying, selling, and making money!
If you would like to know more about us or partner with us, kindly reach us at +91-6360888276 or drop a mail to support@veganmall.in or use our Contact Us page.
Thank you for opting to choose the path guided by your conscience!

Do we (humans) really have to do this to these helpless humble beings?

or just hear to our unspoilt selves 

and treat them like this! 

or better leave them alone and let them be how they deserve to be…


Its time to TRY VEGAN

NOTE: VeganMall neither owns nor was involved in creation of any of the videos shared above. Credit for all videos shared above goes to the respective owners.