iOS App

Steps to Install VeganMall App on

iOS Devices

1. Make sure that you have cleared the browsing data.

2. Visit using Safari Browser.

3. Tap the Share button (at the browser options).

4. From the options, tap the "Add to Home-screen" option. You can notice an icon of VeganMall added to your devices Home-screen instantly.

5. Tap the VeganMall icon on your devices Home-screen, then the Progressive Web App of VeganMall will be loaded.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps): Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new technology that creates a middle ground between a website and a mobile app. They are installed on the phone like a normal app (web app) and can be accessed from the home screen. Users can come back to the website by launching the app from their home screen and interact with the website through an app-like interface. The return visitors will experience almost-instant loading times and enjoy the great performance benefits of PWA! (More about PWA)