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Drupe Vanilla Almond Milk |organic | Lactose Free Vegan | Pack Of 6, 200ml Each

432.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Non-dairy vegan almond milk suitable for children and adults. 100% lactose-free for children 1year and above: plant-based,start your child with drupe first milk instead of cows milk. Suitable for vegans & others who avoid dairy products. Powerhouse of vitamin e & d: excellent for your skin and bones respectively usage: you can drink almond milk on its own, add to cereals, coffee/tea(recommended for plain) and use in a variety of recipes for cooking and baking. You can also choose from 3 different flavours; cocoa, cinnamon, haldi and plain (unsweetened) good for you: almond milk contains high amounts of healthy fatty acids that can help in the prevention of high blood pressure and the promotion of heart health did you know almond milk is not something thats been recently discovered; its been around since the middle ages. In medieval times, the people valued almond milk as a delicacy, and didnt just drink it as a substitute for cows milk. #babyandme

Plant-Based Cruelty-Free Ethical Vegan product.

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